National Arts Journalism Program Fellows 2002/2003

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NEW YORK: The National Arts Journalism Program (NAJP) has selected 15 arts and cultural journalists for mid-career, research and senior fellowships for the 2002-03 academic year.

This is the ninth year in which the NAJP, funded by The Pew Charitable Trusts, has offered fellowships to arts journalists. The 2002-03 class of fellows was selected from a record number of applications, and its members -- who include two Pulitzer Prize recipients -- are among the most distinguished critics, reporters and editors in their respective fields of cultural coverage.

The senior fellows, and their writing projects, are:

* Robert Brustein, theater critic, The New Republic; Project: a history of the American Repertory Theatre

* Robert Campbell, architecture critic, The Boston Globe Project: essays on architecture

* Robert Christgau, senior editor, The Village Voice Project: a world history of popular music

* Margo Jefferson, critic, The New York Times, and Elizabeth Kendall, author and adjunct professor, Bard College Project: a photo/text panorama of American women artists

Research fellows are:

* Carole Carmichael, assistant managing editor, The Seattle Times Project: strategies for covering new arts and cultural movements

* Michael Wise, contributing editor, Architecture Project: a conference on cultural diplomacy

Mid-career fellows are:

* M.J. Andersen, editorial columnist, The Providence Journal

* Sasha Frere-Jones, freelance writer on popular music

* Anya Grundmann, supervising editor, Performance Today, National Public Radio

* Allan M. Jalon, freelance literary journalist

* Donald Munro, film critic, The Fresno Bee

* Joshua Seftel, freelance film producer

* Kristin Tillotson, columnist and reporter, Minneapolis Star Tribune

* Douglas Wolk, freelance arts writer

Mid-career fellowships offer arts critics, reporters and editors an academic year in which to immerse themselves in curricula at Columbia University, and in an independent practicum under the auspices of one of New York's arts and cultural organizations. Research fellows also engage in academic curricula, and pursue a research project leading to an NAJP-sponsored publication or event. Three-month senior fellowships are awarded to a select few arts and cultural journalists of national distinction who aim to advance independent writing and research projects. ...

The 2002-03 fellows were selected by NAJP's advisory board, whose members are: Helen Donovan, executive editor, The Boston Globe; Arthur Gelb, director, The New York Times Scholarship Fund; John Horn, film writer, Newsweek; Ileana Oroza, professor of journalism and photography, University of Miami; Abe Peck, professor and chair of the magazine program, Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University; Peter Plagens, art critic, Newsweek; Ray Rinaldi, arts and entertainment editor, St. Louis Post-Dispatch; Susan Stamberg, special correspondent for the arts, National Public Radio; and Isabel Wilkerson, correspondent, The New York Times.





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