Today’s Top ArtsJournal blog posts 12/09/13

Trial-By-Ice: How’s the Kimbell’s New Piano Pavilion Doing after the Storm?
Source: Culturegrrl | Published on 2013-12-09

How Are The Lady And The Bird Doing At The Frick?
Source: Real Clear Arts | Published on 2013-12-09

Airline staff force string quartet to carry instruments ‘naked’
Source: Slipped Disc | Published on 2013-12-09

Overheard At The Museum: Dallas Edition
Source: Real Clear Arts | Published on 2013-12-08

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How Netflix Will Change Our Very Idea Of Entertainment


“Eventually—or so goes the strategy—people won’t be able to imagine having their options defined by a programming grid. Not coincidentally, Netflix has been vying with Amazon to become the premiere source of streaming series for young children, for whom having to wait for new episodes of their favorite shows to air is unfathomable.”

Violence Ratings On American TV Are Erratic, Group Claims


“Scenes of stabbings, shootings, rape, decapitation and mutilation invariably received a TV-14 “parents strongly cautioned” rating on network TV, according to the Parents Television Council study released Monday. But similar fare on cable typically was given the most stringent label, TV-MA for mature audiences only, researchers for the media watchdog group found.”

How Literature Has Gotten Tangled Up In Bureaucracy


“In particular, the obsession with codifying, regulating, recording, reviewing, verifying, vetting, and chronicling, with assessing achievement, forecasting achievement, identifying weak points, then establishing commissions for planning strategies for regular encounters to propose solutions to weak points, and further commissions empowered to apply for funding to pay for means to implement these solutions, and so on.”

Milwaukee Symphony Declares Emergency And Downsizes


“The orchestra, which had already been downsized from 88 to about 79 members under previous cost-cutting efforts, will be shrunk again by another 11 percent for next season to number in the mid- to upper-60s. The MSO also eliminated seven administration employees, and now has a staff of 30.”

The Singalong Phenomenon. Why?


“What is it with people and singing along? No really, what is it? Here, I offer four possible explanations for a phenomenon that, for anyone who celebrates live performance, doesn’t make much sense.”

Why Your Book Failed?


Do you think the editor’s decision to refrain from intervening in the text was an instance of the dereliction of standards in the publishing industry, or was it an indication of lingering prudence and respect for the practice of literature within what the author would invariably refer to as the “military-industrial publishing complex”?

Want More Perseverance? Stimulate Your Brain


“The salience network is thought to be central in prepping the brain for action, such as when a driver must respond to someone darting across the road or a student readies herself for a pop quiz.”